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Hock Guan Cheong Builder Pte Ltd
We are a general contractor with over 44 years experience in private and public building construction. We have made clients input the cornerstone of our business and matched that with a skilled team of staff to serve every unique need of our clients.




Come to us and we will listen. Our management and staff work closely with our clients to ensure we
exceed their quality and operational requirements.

With over 44 years, we gained extensive experience building quality projects that exceeds client's expectations. We undertake to develop the highest level of service to ensure that working with you will be a success.
We provide building & construction services which will satisfy & exceed clients' expectations and continue leading the industry with
integrity and an uncompromising standard of quality and safety.

Our Clients

 Our clients have very important thing in common; they demand quality, and they understand that low initial cost is not necessarily synonymous with value.

We want our clients to be comfortable with the decisions they are making regarding the construction of their project. We are proud of the fact that our repeat client base has grown steadily from year to year. The best testimony to the quality of the outcome our work and the totality of our
service comes from the list of clients we have served more than once. Our clients tell us that this is due to our commitment to exceed their needs and goals, and the level of trust they have in our team.

Let's  Work Together
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